indian ocean, again!

amazing how time flies. it was almost a year back that i got the oportunity to witness ‘Indian Ocean’ live here in madras and had even written about it here. much to my happiness, they were back here again last weekend, and so i shall now endeavour to complete what i began saying, but left incomplete way back then.

simple. fluid. energetic. profound. catchy.

in case some of you didn’t want a longer post, those were the few words that come to my mind the moment i think of ‘indian ocean’.

like always, i simply enjoyed their music to the fullest. for one, its a very well thought of fusion – the guitar playing the indian tunes sounds actually nice. and the combination of eastern & western percussion, very energetic. their choice of songs – there is so much variety and profundity in every single piece that it somehow tends to reflect on the maturity of the group.

now, a live performance is completely different. there is so much more energy generated by the band and the crowd that it is an exhilarating experience. and these guys knew how to bring out the best out of the crowd. even small things like the introductory words to each song – how they came upon the song and their experiences, very genuine.

there were a few irritant factors though. one was the anchor – some major theatre guy in madras. he is even supposed to be loved by the people here. i thought he was a little artificial. and they way he went on and on about the sponsors, was kinda pushing it. the other thing was that the whole thing happened in the music academy. if u haven’t been there, it is a typical auditorium with seats and so on. and this just isn’t the kinda place for something like ‘hille le’, ‘ma rewa’, ‘kaun’ & ‘bhor’…anyways, i couldn’t, in the ‘state’ i was in, care for anything or anyone. and i freaked out. head banged. and danced. so much that my body is still aching!

all in all, i think it was a superb concert. and i had one blissful evening.

PS: rahul ram (one of the members of the group) calls themselves ‘lufis’. in the context of one of their sufi numbers, he said they wanted to be sufis, but ended up as ‘lufis’ – ‘lustful unsuccessful sufis’. 🙂 i thought that was very honest.


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