hey RAM!

it is ironical, his name. i wonder his folks would’ve ever thought about it. for he is for from being ‘Ram’ – to me, he seems like so many other beggars we see in today’s world. people who would stoop down to any levels, do just about anything, for the sake of wealth.

i’m not defending the press now, don’t get me wrong there. it is high time someone came out and spoke about the media – for it has become a booming business. and it doesn’t matter what they talk about – as long as people watch/read it – and so they make money. more beggars. wretches.

cool thing about this guy is, he is such a mastermind, he knows what he is talking about. he is probably one of the best legal brains in this country. to what avail…? check out the interview, and u’ll know what i’m saying. there is hardly an instance where he can be countered or questioned on purely legal / technical grounds.

what is nasty is his tone. that slick-sonova-godknowswhat-attitude…his blatant use of unwarranted language, even more obvious hint of a male-chauvinist tone…can’t help but appreciate that lady for having stood ground. after all, it is her, and her not-so-better-half’s money that & brand name & the ‘image’ of the channel and finally, more money!

this whole issue has been prolonged, like so many other cases in our courts, for such a long time that i’m just fed up. even though it is true that the manu fellow actually deserves a trial, i wish we could just leave him in the middle of the road, in public, and pelt him to death or something. for one, it’l end his worthless life quickly. one less manu isn’t going to make this world a sad place. and if anybody complains, mebbe kil them too.


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