this is personal. it doesn’t matter to me how anybody ‘feels’ about it, this is how i ‘think’.

IF YOU STILL DID NOT UNDERSTAND, it says don’t read this post. Disclaimer?

i’ve been wondering for a while now if anybody accepted used clothes. both my parents and me have been trying to give away clothes – decent ones of course, but ones that we wanted to give away because we have always believed in living simply. so i asked my friend.

“there are a lot of groups who will accept it with gratitude”and she rattled off the names of a few NGOs and the likes. naturally, i wanted to know who i would be giving them to, and what would happen of the clothes.

“i wouldn’t want to give it to a group of nuns…”

“why? that is such a nasty thing to say. why are you so narrow minded?”

“because i’ve seen some of them. i’m not generalising. they’ll accept it gracefully. then they’ll give them out to my own brothers & sisters – our brothers & sisters. and convince them that they’re wretched, and the only hope in their life is to convert…”

“so? whats wrong with that? they’re still helping people. they’re still doing good. and these are poor & ignorant people anyways”

“EXACTLY my problem. they’re taking advantage of someone’s poverty, their state of desperation. why don’t they try it with, say, u or me?”

“you’re being fanatic”

ME: “really? aren’t u being just plain cowardly?”

“what are you trying to say?”

“i’m trying to say that the problem lies not with nuns or imams. i’m saying it lies in the fundamental tenets of these faiths. they don’t seem to give room for thinking. they’re dogmatic. they seem to intrinsically imply that ONLY this or that faith is the ‘true’ path. anybody who doesn’t follow the faith is an infidel. he or she then deserves to be either killed, or converted.”

i think as a mature society, we must objectively examine our beliefs. i think we must stop fearing ‘hurt sentiments’ beyong a limit. ultimately, i don’t think one must barter the truth for anything in this world.

PS: i hope i am not jailed for this.


2 thoughts on “anger

  1. what happened to the clothes?? me and sis, (sis in particular) get a lot of clothes and get tired of them in due time.. then we have good clothes in piles and aaji nags us perpetually to give those good clothes to someone.. i ve learnt two things in my pursuit of ‘giving away’ thingsa) and this is my greatgrandmom’s philosophy- when u give ur clothes away, u r in no way doing charity or obliging someone. and so, u shud give with respect, in neat folds, clean and mended, as far as possible.b) it feels good giving away on the roadside, randomly, than it does to donate to any XYZ organisation.and c) if u ever go out on a random ‘giving’ spree, tht is the most depressing, gloomy, often embarrassing and hence very humbling experience u may put urself in…

  2. the clothes, i handed over to my istri waalah. he presses my clothes every weekend. i washed the ones i wanted to donate, got them pressed, and then gave it to him, requesting him that he hands them away appropriately.yes, i indulges in ramdom charity, very chaotic. i prefer it that way. i am not in support of any charitable organization 🙂

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