in the H(p)OT seat!

many people need different things to go along with them while paying their daily visit to the toilet. i’ve personally known lotsa people who read – newspapers, even books – during the ‘process’. fine with me, as long as you don’t borrow my books! some, like me, smoke in the loo. it is my humble opinion that smoking sort of eases the ‘process’. am reminded of my hostel days, when the moment u light up one, u’d have half a dozen ‘friends’ hovering around you for a drag or two. under such hazardous circumstances, the loo offered a perfect and only destination to smoke a cigarette in absolute privacy and peace.

i was surprised today to learn that iPods also find their place in some toilets. couldn’t stop laughing, when i read that, iPods falling into toilets is quite a common problem.

if u’ve gone through that link, and found it even remotely funny, check out technological advancement here. *LOL*…i’m almost rolling off my chair. this really is the height of it all.

so much for the ubiquitous iPod that celebrated its 5th anniversary recently. cheers!


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