being the tech goof that i am (actually, thats an understatement. i am absolutely ILLITERATE), i don’t understand many things about blogging. add to it the laziness factor that is somewhat ingrained in me. actually, i am not lazy when it comes to some things. like if i have to go on an indefinitely long walk. or make a crazy road trip. or even do small things like walk a kilometer just to pick up a few smokes.
but when it comes to the internet, html and things like that, i have no clue. for instance, i see so many funky blog pages, i wonder how they manage it all. i can’t even put up a link. and i actually would have quite a few to be included. “some other time…” is what happens everytime i try it figure it out 🙂 mebbe i’l become very popular (and rich!) sometime and outsource the job – get someone to manage the aesthetics bit!
so then i was going thru this blog where the person in question had been ‘tagged’ (‘Koin mujhe please bata dey ki yeh tag kya hota hai’, like javed jaffrey in the old maggi ad *grin*) and the subject was song lyrics.
although i like songs with good lyrics, i haven’t bothered to find out about lyricists, especially when it comes to hindi songs. but there is this song by lucky ali (he is one of my favourites, many of his songs are written by himself, and he does a good job, in my humble opinion) which is called ‘tum hi ho…’ or something. i really like that song and so thought i’ll put up the lyrics (its got a very vedantic appeal to it) here.

Raat chaandni chaai hui hai chamak raha hai tara
Thandi thandi yeh purvaayi socho kisne banaaya, ho
Tum hi ho pehle, tum hi ho aakhir, tum hi se saara jahaan
Tum hi se maa baap, tum hi se bachpan, tum hi se samaa

Paed parinde paani ka jharna, tum se chaman ka mehekna
Neele neele phoolon mein bhavron, ka hai yahi gungunaana, ho
Tum hi se shabnam, tum hi se khushboo, tum hi se hai yeh bahaar
Tum hi se jhonke mast hawaa ke, tum hi se fiza
Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hooHmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm

Dono jahaan ka tu hai ujaala Rab, tune hai humko paala
Tera hai ambar, teri hai dharti, tera hai yeh jag saara, oh
Tum hi se badal, tum hi se saawan, tum hi se hai yeh ghata
Tum hi se bijli, tum hi se toofan, tum hi se khumaar
Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo hooHmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm

PS: am trying out the linking bit. hope it works!


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