there has been so much talk abt this flick that i just couldn’t not watch it.

on the whole, definitely a good movie. very few mainstream bollywood movies that aspire to plant seeds of thought in the movie goers’ minds.

vidya balan – first time i am seeing her on screen and i am head over heels 🙂 haven’t really experienced the ‘springtime sunshine’, but i am sure it must be like her – bright and beautiful. oh, and the name jahnavi – beautiful. i believe it is another name for the ganga.

am not too sure abt the extra helping of gandhigiri and how it’ll work (more so in the media – everybody seems to be talkin of it). i for one, was brought up on gandhi. all our school text books, the teachers, the parents, the TV, made him sound like god, and for a long time, thats exactly what he was to me.

i grew up and realised there is more to the man then we all think/know. even now, i don’t know much, but from what i’ve been reading, i have this feeling he was a good man, alright. noble and all. but as a statesman, i am beginning to have my own doubts. only doubts, not convictions.

so i’m thinking i’ll do the ‘professor.murli’ thing of picking up some history books – not NCERT publications though, for they clearly present a lop-sided view of things. hope i don’t start hallucinating!

2 thoughts on “munnabhai

  1. the munnabhai 2- loaded with gandhigiri is perhaps the most powerful mode of communication i have seen in recent times. The message- be it gandhigiri, or simply tht of tolerance, preached by many many others, was so well put in a heady commercial appeal, tht it got the audience thinking, almost welcoming the somehow outdated idea without feeling tht they were gulping down a dose of sermons.. abt the last comment, yes, a bit of reading up is a must to get a clear idea.. he ws a man of strong ideas, and tht too very noble ones. but I have huge doubts if those ideals can be successfully extrapolated to a majority of the psyche..getting wht i mean? take his son for example.. hmm… more on this later..

  2. GAURI,yes, the more one reads about gandhi from the myriad literature that is available (he is probably one of the most written about subjects of this century), the more confusing it can get. very difficult to understand the man

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