tea time gossip

my google homepage flashes quotes and i came across this one yesterday, and decided to share it with my colleague –

“First love is a kind of vaccination which saves a man from catching the complaint the second time.”
– Honore de Balzac (French Novelist)

and then we had a conversation which went something like this…(the italicised text was something close to what was going on in my head, but wasn’t verbalised)

SHE: “now now, i don’t think thats true…”
ME: “really?”
SHE: “sure…man has always the capacity to find something more to love in somebody else”
ME: (atee profound, atee profound…)”i’m not so sure about that” (so does one always have to ‘find’ something in order to love somebody?)
SHE: “i’m sure. have u ever been in love”
ME: (aaaiiiiyyy…here comes the cliched question! *grr..*) ” me, well, yes actually. i thought there was a time when i was.
in love” (was it really love, i’ll never know)
SHE: “and you aren’t now?”
ME: “well, i wouldn’t be too sure. ‘we’ are not in love any more. at times, i think i still am”
SHE: “oh, thats too bad” (in that very consoling tone!)
ME: “nope, i think its nice. fact, its even better now”
SHE: ??? (i’m sure she thinks i’m weird. i am, actually)

(pregnant pause)

SHE: “err..umm…i still think there wil be a second time, unlike what ur google quote says”
ME: ” no way… well, there might, but the next time, it’ll be about getting down to the brass tacks”
SHE: “like what?”
ME: (either u’re acting coy or just plain stupid) “well, sex, i suppose” (or would it be companionship?.. security? boredom?)
SHE: “naah…its not all about that? theres more to love than that. u wait till u’re in love again”
ME: “may be, i don’t know really.” (it was an impulsive thought, i wanted to add)
SHE: “may be, i’m not too sure myself, especially now!


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