vettaiyadu vilayadu

kamal hasan’s latest flick that.

i’ve been thinking, for a long time now, that i should try my hand at movie reviews. so finally, here goes…

WARNING: obviously, i’m a novice. also, the review will also in all probability be affected by other reviews that i have come across – so don’t accuse me of being another kaavya 🙂

i’ll make it simple. to the point.

i liked –

  • kamal, obviously. i’m a major fan of his. he puts in a lot of thinking into all his roles. one of my friends was complaining that it was an ordinary job. i am thinking it was probably a conscious decision – he is playin a middle aged man. a cop. a hardened one at that. brilliant, is the verdict.
  • the proposal – super scene that. kamalini, of course, steals one’s heart in a very short time
  • the romance – between a middle aged widower and a girl separated from her husband. i thought the whole thing was treated with a lot of sensitivity.
  • stunt sequences – barring the unreal sounds (which is one of the key elements in all our movies)
  • new york, of course!

i did not like –

  • the bad guy – i mean the badder of the two (the other guy was just ‘there’ most of the time). i suppose he tried real hard, and so ended up lookin too self conscious. almost constipated. to top it, the guy screams to much, it annoyed me
  • the songs – do we HAVE to have 5 songs (including an ‘item’ number)?? and the lip sync in a couple of them was horrible – they might as well have just had the song. why do the actors have to sing it? ask menon!
  • the slow down in the 2nd half, made me impatient
  • the fact that oru hero screams on the phone ,” are u guys gay?” and the audience is in raptures – hoots and claps galore. barring mal cinema (also bengali, i am told. can’t comment. have only watched one bong flick – in some film festival that i was forced to accompany my parents to, when i was some 10 years old), our guys don’t seem to have the remotest idea of subtelety
  • all the slit throats and naked bodies and rapes – makes it kinda gory. but i guess its the kinda intensity u cud expect in a kamal flick – be it a dance or a kissing scene, there just has to be that ‘detail’

over and out.

PS: readers – if any, please feel free to comment & agree/disagree.

PPS: doesn’t this show i’m kinda desperate to see a few comments? humour me, people 🙂


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