gift a smile

it was the usual ride to work on nelson manickam road this morning. to
those uninitiated to the bustling city life in madras (aka chennai, but
i still like calling it madras), i’m sure u must be fighting it out in
one mad city or the other. but out here in my own crazy city (the fact
that i call it crazy doesn’t in any way connote that i don’t like the
place – i’m in love with madras actually!), the traffic can get quite
insane. and it can test your patience, and actually elevate your
endurance levels to new heights!
one among the many congested roads is the one i’ve referred to. with an
ever increasing number of vehicles, riding/driving on this road can be
quite a task. and then there are the share autos and the normal autos –
they’re like specimen characters. they make their own rules and are
virtually ignorant of the presence of anybody else on the road. this is
not to say that the others do a good job on the roads. everybody – from
the cyclist to the two wheeler rider to the cars, buses, trucks – i
mean everybody, is only bothered about beating the others to
home/work/where ever! and this inherent tendency in everyone results in
quite a mayhem, more so during rush hour.
getting back to where i started off, it was one of those morning where
i couldn’t really ride. as it happens, with that road choking with
vehicles, each one wanting to have his way first, one can only crawl.
literally. so i was there on my mobike, in what seemed like a traffic
jam, and noticed a public bus right next to me. as i was wondering how
on earth the poor soul of a driver managed to drive these things in the
monstrous city traffic, i happened to look at the driver and he at me.
almost involuntarily, i smiled at him. for some reason, i didn’t stop
at that. i went on to compliment him for the wonderful job he was doing
of ferrying hundreds of people everyday. from what seemed like a
distraught look, his countenance at once seemed to brighten up. he said
something in return, but i couldn’t really catch it, and then the
traffic started flowing again and so i had to get back to the rat race.
i had actually surprised myself by being a lil nice to someone i hardly
knew. and the results sruprised me even more. for i am sure that
however shortlived, i had given that man an immense kick! naturally, he
would have passed on the joy during the day, or at least for a few
hours till he managed to hold his sanity. and thats not all, because at
the end of this lil incident, i was myself feeling like an angel 🙂
i have this very good friend who has the knack of doing this kind of thing
everyday, at every passing moment. like this once when the front desk girl
at the mobile servicing shop told her that her world would have been a
lot better if she had more clients like this friend of mine. i am sure
thats one of the best compliments anyone can get.
thinking back, i don’t think its very difficult to make others happy.
and i suppose if we all did a lil more of it, the world would look a
whole lot brighter. after all, you never know how and when your little
act of kindness can make someone’s day!


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