right from my days in college, i remember friends who regularly read stuff like the economic times or other such business mags and papers. and right from then, i’ve never really had a fancy for the b-world. i don’t watch business channels (i simply can’t understand head or tail of it!), don’t think business personalities are the most fascinating bunch of creatures in the world, and frankly, i don’t really care a hoot about which enterprises are creating wealth these days. i’ve somehow managed to stay unconnected with this aspect of life, and i suppose will smugly continue to remain ignorant!
and yet, when the media was full of news about one mr.narayanamurthy retiring, i couldn’t help but sit up and notice. and feel sad, that the face of phenomenal success in this country, was hanging his boots. for it is not everyday that succeessful people retire, and that too gracefully, especially in this country. from cinema to politics to sports, in how many fields have we seen successful individuals calling it quits without fussing around? without trying to manipulate policies to suit petty personal aspirations, without, in short, making utter asses of themselves in public?
it was a long time back that i read an account of how this man and his then yet-to-be wife met, how they got wedded and how he had actually borrowed money from her to pool in his share in setting up what is now a firm that makes some 2 billion dollars in revenue. and right from then on, i pretty much fell in love with this couple. some of their stories have even made me skeptical at times, of whether someone could really live like that, or if it was some cheap publicity stunt. like for instance, the one that said that this man still occupies a modest appartment, lives on some 7000 rupees a month, even cleans his loo and travels economy class. add to it, the fact i read very recently – that among the highest paid people in infosys – our man stands 20th! if gandhi was an olden example of simplicity, i think murthy will definitely take his place in the modern context.
with some 60,000 people in its roles, and many more thousands aspiring to (i have a friend who kicked a couple of very decent jobs, just coz he liked the brand name), infosys today represents a classic example of sky high success achieved while being firmly rooted in very down to earth principles.
my salutations to an icon of modern enterprise! and my deepest wishes and prayers that there be hundreds more from this soil.


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