sweet jesus

i wonder if jesus christ were around, what he would have thought about all the fuss being made about something as trivial as a movie. would he have laughed at the foolishness of his own people? or would he have cried, that the so called ‘followers’ of the faith have not understood an aorta of what he intended to profess. of one thing i’m perfectly sure – he sure would have been curious to watch the movie!
funnily, it in only in india that such a hue and cry is being made. poland, a country which is supposed to be predominantly catholic, didn’t see any such protests. in fact, i believe the movie was released there at a time coinciding with the visit of the pope himself. and look at india, where the christians are supposed to be a religious minority – the governement has taken it upon itself in many states to ban the movie. and this in spite of the movie being cleared by the censors. one ex judge of the madras high court has even clearly pointed out that such an act by the govt is a gross violation of some of the fundamental tenets of our constitution. it doesn’t matter, does it? as long as the ‘sensitive minorities’ are not grieved, anything can and will be done. nobody – not the govt, not the censor board, or even the spineless majority talks of the countless movies where hindus gods and god-men are so often and so callously maligned. nobody talks of the ‘famous’ painter who goes around painting goddesses nude – oh, no – thats artistic license for u 🙂
i have read the book – and am yet to watch the movie (doesn’t look like my fanatic brothers belonging to the very privileged ‘minority’ groups will ever let me watch it though!) – and fail to understand what exactly has hurt the sensitivities of our people. in my opinion, the whole thing is quite ironical. the book never at any instance attempts to portray the saint in bad light. if anything, it only glorifies him – in the truest sense. if only these people really understood what spirituality was. if only they saw christ as very much human, but one who attained the greatest realms of spiritual existence, understood verily the so-called mystery of the cosmos…the fact is, what has actually been maligned (rather exposed) is the christian church – rather than christ himself. it is clear how the church has misrepresented the prophets thoughts and words – for its own gains – with a clear intention of retaining the power center in society.
it is clear that all these protests are not a genuine expression of hurt sensitivities or anything like that. they are just an outcry of fear from a very threatened institution that has enjoyed absolute power for ages now.


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