a price hike, yet again!

i have to travel about 6 km to work everyday and it takes me nothing less than 30 minutes on my motorcycle – no exaggeration. unfortunately for me, i have to go through what is said to be one of the busiest roads in city of madras (i still prefer it to chennai). not that any other road is any less busy; with the increasing number of vehicles on the road, traffic is becoming a major issue these days. against this backdrop, an increase in fuel prices – and a very steep one at that – becomes quite painful for thousands of commuters. i’m a biking freak; i like to cover thousands of miles – no destination, no place to go – on my motorcycle. its what i feel is the best way of spending my vacations. and so it will not be wrong for me to say that i will feel the price hike even more than most others.like every other time the govt introduces a hike, the left parties have decided to go on an agitation this time around. i’ve never been able to reconcile myself with the communist philosophy, especially in india. they are basically complete materialists, which itself, to me, is a flawed premise. surely there is more to life than what meets the eye? and i find it a practical impossibility to realise the fantasy of a perfectly egalitarian society. we must, no doubt, work for equality, but nevertheless with a realistic mindset. finally, the tragic failure of the communist philosophy in the erstwhile USSR is itself enough and more proof of its lack of depth.why i say all this is because of their hurried and thoughtless response to the price hike. with the world prices of crude oil sky rocketing, there is to my limited knowledge, little the govt can do but raise the selling prices of consumer fuels. the leftists suggest a cut in taxes. but then, how much burden of the state can the govt continually shoulder? it is obvious why all political parties, at sometime or the other, resort to such ill thought of moves. one doesn’t need a political analyst to see that it is merely a cheap tactic to gain popularity among the masses.instead, why don’t they sit down and rack their brains (if they have any that can be really put to good use!) to see if we can jointly evolve a more feasible solution? for starts, how about thinking of improving the standard and availability of public transport, especially in metros? i’m sure most people opt for personal transport not as a fancy, but out of compulsion. a better public transport system will not only easy the expenditure on transport for the common man, it will have other far reaching consequences like easening of traffic congestion and reduction in vehicular pollution.

bum bum bhole


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