more cricket

am surprised i’m writing more about cricket. its not the best time to write, for being indian, i am more than just upset that we lost the ODI series. actually, its more about how we lost it. such tame defeat doesn’t do good much to the team’s morale and i’ m sure it certainly doesn’t do any good going into a test series with such a mind set. but whats done cannot be undone and i guess we just have to accept it. and lets give it to the west indies team – being a bunch of youngsters, some of them even qualify to be termed novices, they’ve done a splendid job as team.
cricket, i’ve very much enjoyed this whole series, starting from the first match. every single match was tense, and i guess thats what makes the shorter form of the game so enjoyable. but as i kept watching, match after match, i realised there was more to it than just the sport. it was the west indies itself – this whole bunch of islands with the most fascinating people. it was watching the people that i enjoyed the most. it seemed to me as though everyday out there was a celebration.
every single soul that came on the television screen seemed to be the most laid back, the most chilled out person on earth. most of them had a glass or a bottle of something or the other in their hands – blame it on the weather 😉 in fact, one of the commentators even once mentioned during the course of one of the matches, ” I hope it is a bottle of water that man one the screen is drinking!” (how very boring!). well whatever it was, it was a bottle of something that was making our man very happy. the joy that sort of emanated from him, and everyone else for that matter, was simply, irresistibly infectious.
am sure not everybody appreciates this. well, if u happen to be the sober kinds – not to worry. there was even this guy, lying sprawled on his back, and blissfully chewing a piece of sugar cane (if he didn’t have his half buttoned beach shirt and wide mexican hat on, i would be reminded of pongal!).
and how can i possibly not mention the dance. i don’t think there were many people – be it men, women or children – who weren’t shaking their hips. whether one is seated or standing, the groovin was on all the time. and for a fact that it comes to naturally, so effortlessly to the folk here is what makes is so charming.
so thats one thing that has been really nice about this series – the audience. i’m so fascinated by these people that i’mhoping i’ll make it one day to these islands and experience it in person. some day maybe…

bum bum bhole


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