breakfast with bina

the title has nothing to do with anything, except that i’m missing our usual weekend breakfast routine!

tamil nadu i ssupposed to be a state with rich cultural heritage. its history is replete with some of the greatest rulers, thinkers, poets and in the modern era, freedom fighters and visionaries. some of the heritage temples, i am proud to say, are quite exquisite and undoubtedly incomparable in richness of their history and architectural marvel.

and like the rest of the indians, the tamils can only bask in their past glories. past. look at the state now and its an entirely different story. not that the state is as such doing badly. economically speaking, it is supposed to be a fore runner of development in this country.

now take one look at the political scenario here and one can only wonder hwo it all works. two major dravidian parties have been taking turn in ruling the state for a while now. i’m no major political thinker, and neither have i been following politics here, of anywhere else, closely for me to make comments. but i just can’t help laughing at the new party that has come to power.

even the promises that they won the election on, were clearly just a near impossibility. what started off as TV sets for everybody – for which mr.K would have needed more TV sets than the entire production in india – has now come to TV sets (with cable connection, the works) for all below the poverty line. the finance minister, who less than a month ago was a strong advocate of the rs.2/kg of rice scheme, has sommersaulted now. left the state govt in the lurch by saying the centre could provide no subsidy to fulfil that promise. if u wanted be a lowly, scheming two timer, it would pay well to learn from our esteemed politicians.

let us take a look at what the govt does in the first few days of coming into power. re-erection of the statue of kannagi at marina. of all the issues (water shortage, farmers getting doomed, caste clashes, bad roads, illiteracy…the list can go on and on…) the chief minister first chooses to look at something of absolutely no consequence. not that i have anything against the statue – kannagi herself is a legendary literary character, an icon of the tamils – and yet, the context in which it is all done is what makes it so stupid. it looks like govt policies are nothing more than private whims!

and today, he has said that people of all castes can be priests in temples, an occupation traditionally reserved for the brahmin community. i for one, am strongly against it because it defies the fundamental principles of varna as enshrined in the vedas. pardonably, for i am sure these imbesciles have no understanding of anything to do with hinduism. but the decision also highlights another najor issue in the larger context. that although the govt is secular (which means it has nothing to do with religion) it bothers to interfere in religious affairs. and would any govt in any state, tamil or not, ever DARE to dictate how a church or a mosque ought to be run? oh no mister, never – all in the name of religious minority rights.

bah! so much for secularity. so much for the great glorious culture of tamils – a language and culture older than most else.


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