Be more prompt to go to a friend in adversity than in prosperity. – Chilo, – 560 BC, Greek Sage

that was chumma.
even in college, i started comprehending the difference between being alone and, on the other hand being lonely. i mean experiencing. it is one thing to understand things and totally another to go through, and to live your understanding. that forms the crux of our experience. and that makes our lives.

and all the while, i loved it. being alone i mean. i cannot explain why. to most people, it is weird. and precisely because they think it is so, they just can’t seem to understand. and debum that i am, i haven’t even tried hard enough to make anyone understand. thats just me. thats how i like it. some people have even tried convincing me that i am selfish. well, maybe, but it seems i couldn’t care to know what they think! don’t mistake me for being a slick, arrogant sonovagun, coz i’m not that. i’m just a bum ๐Ÿ™‚

and don’t get me wrong now – if anyone is trying to read this pile of words. crap. call it what u might. i’m not trying to explain myself. just wanted to say…whom am i saying this to, i wonder? lets say, i just wanted to have it recorded that, in what seems like the first time in ages now, i’m feeling lonely.

just a lil bit though. a brisk walk to the shop, i’ll bump into a couple of other bums, have a coupla drinks and then, …i’ll be on my way i guess…

bum bum bhole


3 thoughts on “alone

  1. FRIEND,yes, thats what i call it :)UNPRETENTIOUS,i still do – sometimes.oh, and this was written ages back – i mean, there has to be a difference na…i mean, aren’t we all supposed to be evolving and all that jazz. poor darwin ๐Ÿ™‚

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