holi hai…!!!

chennai doesn’t display much difference between the seasons, but it is spring time. and it is also time for one of the most beautiful festivals – holi.

most of my experiences related to this festival were in my childhood, when we lived in the midst of many north indians. holi eve consisted of a huge fire and a pooja and all that. holika dehen is what it is called. and then on holi, there was colours galore. not to mention all the gujiyas, malpuas, thandai and the most beautiful girls sprayed in all sorts of colours.

it was a different in college – most of our holi was drowned in bhang! we had so much of it that the rest of the events went away in a buzz. it was so wild that the few women there were around at that time, chose to stay away from it.

and then i heard from my colleague today that in some parts of india like in rajasthan, it is a two week affair. is what i like about this country. am in chennai now, where everything is just like it was yesterday – schools are open and offices are working. and yet in another part of this beautiful country, people must be ecstatically playing colours with friends, relatives and lovers!

maybe next year, i’ll spend holi in jodhpur.


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