strange stranger

is what she calls me. dunno what it means. i’ve always thought i’m just a bum, so i guess its pretty close to be called a stranger. after all, a bum is a stranger, and yet, known to most people!
its funny how God puts people in our lives. its only been some two weeks since i’ve known her. and we’ve already done a couple of midnight drives in the beach and a mini pilgrimage to tirupati. and now i feel like i’ve known her for a while. atleast, the chemistry that the two of us have struck is unbelievable.
she was mentioning the same thing to me the other day and wondering what the purpose of this relationship was in our lives. guess it is natural for our mental make up to keep looking for reasons.
i don’t. it doesn’t bother me why things happen. i try to accept things as they come. i believe that everything has a purpose, known to the cosmic intelligence, yet unfathomable by the human mind with all its self imposed limitations.
is that why they say – enjoy it while it lasts? i wonder…


One thought on “strange stranger

  1. “Debum broken many a promise. so refrained. dis time D ebum make promises 2 himself. Debum gonna go out n do things, u just wait n c. u just be around…, please” is what he tells her.

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