thats what we claim we are. the indian government.
and i’ll tell u what it means –
the godhra train carnage is finally deemed to have been a mere accident. that there was already an independent committee working on it and there was no need for another one is not questioned by anybody.
that there was a fire in this particular, in that particular coach, on that exact day when hundreds of hindus were travelling in it was a mere coincidence. accident, as they call it.
even if was, there must have been a cause, a reason for the accident. and this dirty report doesn’t even talk abt it.
that the accounts of quite a few of those lucky souls who managed to escape the carnage are quite contrary to the report findings is of no consequence.

but, the ‘gruesome killings’ in the best bakery case deem to be punished. for life. 9 men. i’m not saying that they were right in committing cold blooded murder. certainly not. any man who harms another no doubt deserves the highest punishment. but does that rule only apply to a section of my countrymen. all in the name of ‘minority rights’…

such reports, findings and ways of dispensing with justice in the country full of self centered, hypocritic men will only keep that communal cauldron biling. and sooner or later, it’ll boil over. and then there will be hell to pay.


13 thoughts on “secular

  1. Hey , you know what when i initially strtd reading your blog. i thought you were yet another one of those pseudo secular tam’s.But surprisingly enough you amazed me with this post.

  2. I liked reading this article.It made a lot of sense…….it is all about practicing a faulty version of secularism…….most Indian political parties and much of the Indian media are pseudosecularist in nature………who believe that fundamentalists in the minority communities need to be pampered…..

  3. BRAAIVILLE,welcome aboard! hinduism is synonymous to secularism – it truly epitomises the value. what they call secularism today in our country is in reality minority appeasement. the sad truth is, today, the hindu isn’t proud of his identity – and so he doesn’t deem it necessary to speak up for himself.anyways, keep coming by. and whats with your name?

  4. You are not being secular if you start looking at the religion of those who died or those who get accused. It is tragic that people got roasted alive on the Ghodra train. It is equally tragic that 100s of people were brutally massacred with the willingness of the acting government. The riots were not a spontaneous reaction to the Ghodra carnage but a cool, calculated act of terror. (ref: the tehelka exposure)You expect such acts from terrorists not from the acting government. The arrest of any murderer whether Hindu or Muslim should make you happy for the sake of our countrymen. It only means one murderer less.And you know who else deserves a life imprisonment? Narendra Modi. And as long as that does not happen, you don’t need to worry about the ‘appeasement of minorities’ in this country. Though your worry about secularism is valid, only it is in the wrong direction.

  5. Narendra Modi gave the VHP leaders, the Bajrang dal leaders and the police force the freedom to do ‘whatever they liked’ for 3 days.Provided wiht 2 truck loads of swords and other ammunition, they went on a rampage – raping, cutting up and buring innocents for 3 whole days.The targeted people, had nowhere to go for refuge. Protectors had turned predators.Narendra Modi WON the elections Dharmabum!!!It reflects on us as a people. In the name of boosting ‘protectors of hinduism’ we vote for such people to power!

  6. The Ghodra carnage was an act of fury. it is more challenging to pinpoint the guilty in a mob.The following riots were planned acts, masterminded by certain leaders. It is easy to pinpoint the makes no sence to pull up the fact that “oh! but, no one was accused in the ghodra carnage crime” unless you want to look at it from a ‘hindu’s are caught but no muslims are caught’ perspective.Try looking at the situation in a fair manner as a human being.okay i will stop now… sorry for going on and on…

  7. Hi ,interesting post and comments …i think a lot has to do with the word ‘secular’ itself….secularism means separation of church from state – it doesn’t mean equality of all religions , as we seem to believe in india – if only there was a way to just do away with religion from polity altogether….but its a case of if wishes were horses , i guess…secondly,minority vote bank politics has done nothing to help either side..Minorities have suffered more than gained from it.Third , no denying the fact that Hinduism is a major reason why India is by and large a secular and tolerant society – i dont think Hindus are ‘unproud’ of their identity their own way they are but its against the basic ethos or nature of Hinduism to shout it out from rooftops and you know what – thank goodness for that ! this is the 21st century man,we need to move away from these issues , not get deeper into this bullshit ! if the godhra culrpits are found they shud be doubly punished bcos that is what started the whole shit off..but for now if they’ve found the best bakery / other culprits – hang them immediately too ! for heavens sake , murder is murder , murder is against the law and god & religion have nothing to do with it

  8. POOJA, POOJA & POOJA :)you don’t have to be sorry for going on and on – am glad this post has spurned so much thought :)you are talking about secularim in the wrong direction – but i thought of secularism is about the state viewing all religions in the same light, then it mustn’t be in any particular direction!narendra modi – i am not entitled to comment upon him as i hardly know much abt him apart from the godhra context. i am not sure if that was the only reason he won the election – it amounts to saying that the whoel state of gujarat is one bunch of fanatics, and i am not prepared to believe matter in what way we look at it – i feel the state today condones one set of people and their acts of fundamentalism, but on the other hand, when another set behaves in a similar fashion, the reaction is quite different.ANON,the question as to whether we need to get into this or stay away from it, is a matter of discussion and can not, i feel, be put away so simply.and it is arguably quite impossible to seperate state from religion.

  9. is there a method to block such rubbish from appearing online? you juvenile idiots don’t have the sense to realize how much harm you’re inadvertently doing. I hope you are either mentally disabled or less than 10 year old

  10. JUNK,i am sorry if it has hurt you answer your question – yes. you can report a blog to be offense to blogger. a simpler option would be to avoid reading things, in the first place – you have all freedom to do that, just as you do to visit this space and comment. after all, nobody is forcing you.i am not going to brag about my mental ability or the lack of it. at one level, i believe we are all insane 🙂

  11. Hi Dharmabum!I got so coiled up in my blog that i forgot to come here and see your reply to my commenti guess i was wrong in talking about “direction”Well, truth is that a bit of polarization helps a lot of our politicians.It is up to us commoners to think above religion and keep secularism alive. We must be happy when someone gets justice irrespective of their religion.and speak out for anyone we believe is not getting justice irrespective of his/her religion.What say?

  12. POOJA,am quite pleasantly surprised to see you here, after such a long time! hope all is well?i can’t help but agree about the polarization bit – earlier, it was the firangs, now it is our own politicians who in their short sighted nature, tend to divide and rule.i am not sure anout thinking above religion. to me, a religion is meant just to do that – help us commoners think and act. when it comes secularism, there agin – my religion inherently has taught me a secular outlook.@ justice – indeed, yes, it is heartening to know tat justice is metted out.thanks for coming back 🙂

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